Yogibear's Cave Cucina
 "I repeat sir, where's the goodies?" 

Here you are, Yogi! Ah, I see... very kind of you, sir! Because if you've got the goodies, you can make lots of yummy recipes...and that's what you're all here for! 

"Degustibus non disputandum est." An old Roman proverb in Latin, which I'd like to use here as a small disclaimer. It says that there is no accounting for tastes, which is nothing but the truth. Some of you might decide that these delicious dishes might not take you to cloud number nine.  Too bad. But as with everything, you’ve got to be prepared to take risks. So, to all of you food fans I say: Go for it! Print out, Prepare and Pass on!   

 I’ve tasted these recipes myself and I can only say that they’re favourite recipes of mine - and so far all the people who were acting as so called co-tasters have agreed with me on this! (And for those of you who might be wondering: Yes, they are still alive ;-) ...)  

This page is ever changing, as are all pages on the Web. New recipes will be added every so often, old ones might be taken off or come back after a while. Please visit this page regularly for new ideas. If you have any delicious dishes you would like to see on this page, here's the address to write to: language@xs4all.nl  

Here’s a list of current recipes:  

Droë vrugte-bobotie (Dried fruit bobotie) 
English meat pie  
Pasta primo tonno   
Quick Chick: Chicken in the oven....  
Tiramisu - THE Italian dessert  
Thai style roasted pork & Indian cucumber raita 
Pizza ai lumache 
Squash Casserole

Enjoy your meal  - Geniet die ete - Eet smakelijk - Guten Appetit - Bon appétit - Prijatno - Kali Oreksi - Buon appetito !