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Welcome to YogiWeb!

And welcome to what's soon to be known as Yogi's Cave on the Web. On these pages, I'll try to entertain you Yogi style! But as you can clearly see, these pages, like indeed all of the pages on the web, are never really done... "This site under heavy construction", so to speak! 

However, if you will just "bear" with me for a while, I'm sure you'll see some lovely additions to the site whenever you return...If you like the site, please bookmark it! 

The buttons to your left will lead you through the site. I've tried to keep this simple, so that most browsers will be able to load the pages quickly, without any major problems and in a bit of an orderly fashion. 
A quick look to the left will show you what pages are to be found here. Yogibear introduces you to the maker of these pages. Cave Cucina is the place to be...What's a Yogiweb without food? Bears love food, and these recipes will be sure to fill your pic-nic baskets...and ultimately your stomach in the most exquisite way! I plan on adding new recipes regularly, so surf on over to Yogi's Cave Kitchen... Pic-a-nic (as Yogi would say) Peace shows you what things Yogibear likes to do when there's some spare time! Hence the name Pic-a-nic Peace...As pic-a-nics are all about relaxing... Musical Musings contains a page dedicated especially to one of my most important hobbies: Indeed, music... There's just nothing like it to express one's feelings... go ahead and check out these cool links! Then last, but most definitely not least, a link to the company of your host... Gasselingo Translations and Web Design! If you're interested in either of these services, please visit the site and contact us!  Oh...and if you have any comments or suggestions about the Yogiweb, Pooh here has volunteered to bring me all of your b-mail...please don't disappoint him! 
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